Chief Executive Officer: Dr. Samina Luthfa

Dr. Samina Luthfa, founder member of BotTala is currently Associate Professor of Department of Sociology at the University of Dhaka. She did her MA in Sociology from Lehigh University, USA and MSS from the same discipline at the University of Dhaka. She has several research articles on agricultural issue, women’s rights, indigenous people’s rights published in the academic journals. As a theatre activist and script writer, she made her mark in the world of theatre with two of her famous stage dramas- Tirthangkar and Khona. She did her PhD in Sociology from University of Oxford, Oxford, UK. She is a member of Oxford Theatre Guild, Oxford, UK and Women’s Playwright International. Khona has been translated by Professor Kabir Chowdhury to be included in the edited volume of “Plays of Bangladesh” edited by Ramendu Majumder.