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Total Show till now: 71
Last Show: 24 August 2019 @ Experimental Theatre Hall, Bangladesh Shilpokala Akademy
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Story Line: A protagonist, Leelavati who is also known as Khona, is a legendary wizard of The tale is primordial, clouded with plentiful myths. However, while trying to fathom what Leela really was from all these myths we reveal that she was an astrologer, so was her husband, Mihir and Father-in-Law Varaha Mihir- The sang of Khona’s tongue getting severed according to Varaha’s order and her becoming of ‘Khona’ has transcended generations. The play centers on the Chandraketugarh in Deulnagar… Read More>>

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Samina-Luthfa-Nitra      Kazi-Roksana-Parveen-Ruma      Mohammad-Ali-Haider      Imran-Khan-Munna      Taufique-Hasan-Bhuiyan      Sheyuti Shahgufta -name      Evan-riaz      Pankaj-Majumdar      Mizanur-Rahman(1)      Abdul-Kader       Chandan-Paul       Shawrav-Aslam       Baker      Humayun Azam Rewaz       Sumit Tewary      Nafiul-Ahmed       Nongor-Rasel      Muhammad-Sayeed

Ex-performers of Khona






Set & Light Design:


Light Operation:


Music design:

Bratto-Amin  Eity  Rakhal-Abedin

Costume Design:

Tahmina-Sultana-Mou  Taufique-Hasan-Bhuiyan



Props design:


Production Manager:

Sheyuti Shahgufta -name




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