Evan Riaz

Evan Riaz, Executive member of BotTala. He join BotTala in the year of 2009 and received training on acting  from the Actors Studio of  BotTala and other organizations.  Now he is acting in following BotTala plays  Khona, Dhamail, Ekjon Ruhul Amin, Jatugriho, The Trial of Mallam Ilya, The Honey Hunter, Sundarban Katha, crutch er Colonel and Bonnotherium. He directed BotTala’s Play `Bonnotherium’. He is the sub-editor of BotTala’s publication ‘Khola Haowa’.

He also work in audio-visual media. He wright scripts for TV fiction and non-fiction. He  act in many Tv drama and Film also.