Abdus Salam

Abdus Salam is a film trainer, audio-visual drama maker and film-critic. He had undergone training in Film Appreciation in Dhaka and Development Education & Communication, DECU – ISRO from Ahmedabad, India. He also had done training on video production from Goethe Institute, Dhaka. He directed, produced, written and assisted in numerous documentaries and acclaimed feature films. He alsoContinue reading “Abdus Salam”

Bratto Amin

Md. Aminul Haq (Bratto Amin), founder member of BotTala, calls himself an artist. He is actively working in theatre for 7 years, as an actor, Musician and Director. He has worked for four years with Nayantara Communications (a sister concern of Asiatic Marketing Communications Ltd.), whose main concern is about children’s joyful education and their rights. There he was responsibleContinue reading “Bratto Amin”

Pankaj Majumdar

Pankaj Majumdar, founder member of BotTala is a prominent cultural and theatre activist. He is working in theater for 19 years. He took part in awareness building programs organized by different NGOs. He participated and trained in various workshops on theater development, mime, makeup, script writing. He is now an employee of CWFD (Concerned Women for Family Development) asContinue reading “Pankaj Majumdar”

Dr. Mohammad Tanzimuddin Khan

Dr. Mohammad Tanzimuddin Khan is one of the consultants working for BotTala. He is currently Assistant Professor of Department of International Relations at the University of Dhaka. He is actively engaged in research on development issues and  theatre activities for action. He had worked for the BIISS (Bangladesh International Institute of Strategic Studies) for a longContinue reading “Dr. Mohammad Tanzimuddin Khan”

Abu Daud Ashrafiee

 Abu Daud Ashrafiee, founder member of BotTala has been a dedicated cultural and theatre activist for the last 22 years. He is an acclaimed set and light designer in Bangladesh. He is involved in acting, organizing and directing. He is an engineer of Titas Gas Transmission and Distribution Company Limited. As a set Designer, Abu Daud Ashrafee designed inContinue reading “Abu Daud Ashrafiee”

Mizanur Rahman

Mizanur Rahman is a founder member  of BotTala. He is a dedicated cultural and theatre activist in Bangladesh involved in acting, organizing and directing. He is a freelance prominent director of documentary and television drama. He made various documentary-dramas under the project of UNICEF, UNFPA, PKSF, BCCP and NFW (Handicraft International). Mizanur Rahman was also the CreativeContinue reading “Mizanur Rahman”