Munasir Kamal

Munasir Kamal, known in the group by her nick-name Disha, became a member BotTalathrough taking part in the extensive acting workshop conducted by Mr. Aref Syed in May 2010. Before joining BotTala, Munasir was a member of the English Department Drama Society (EDDS) and performed in the roles of Mrs. Linde in Ibsen’s Doll’s House(2006), Catherine in G.B. Shaw’s Arms and the Man (2005), and as an angel and a narrator in Coleridge’s The Rime of the Ancient Mariner (2004) while she was a student at DhakaUniversity. All three plays were directed by Prof. Tahmina Ahmed who taught Munasir and her friends the very basics of drama. Munasir is also one of the founding members of Brine Pickles – the first performance literature group in Bangladesh that uses English as a medium of expression. She is currently a lecturer in the English Department at DhakaUniversity and feels that her theatre experience helps her in teaching. In her free time, she watches plays at ShilpakalaAcademy. Besides performance, Munasir is interested in working behind the scenes. She has participated in preparing the script for the play that BotTala is presently working on –The Trial of Mallam Ilya.