BotTala Tale

BotTala – a performance space antonym with ‘Bengal Opus for Theatre Technology, Aesthetics and Language through Action. It is an open space for performance that symbolizes the origin of rituals and performances in pre colonial Bengal. BotTala also signifies the great tradition of open oratory, poetry, music of Bengal and symbol of public space that belongs to none in specific but to all in general.

BotTala as a performance space of twenty-first century aspires to provide such an open platform to all theatre activists home and abroad to engage in their creative and intellectual endeavours. We, despite all odds, dream for a space promoting theatre for people, to search for tradition and heritage to speak up for the present and future. We also believe that there is no theatre estranged from politics and as such no politics detached from theatre of the colonial east. Therefore, BotTala’s theatre can never be removed from its base in history and tradition of Humanity as well as its vision for a changed tomorrow challenging authority in today’s theatre. As such, BotTala intend to encourage a space for professional theatre activism, which entails professional attitudes and behavior in present forms of theatre and activism.

BotTala calls for participation from all spheres of cultural activists and citizenry of the global village to engage, encourage, promote and support a new era in theatre activism and towards creating a new phase of cultural solidarity through BotTala.


BotTala was established in 27 August, 2008 by a group of young and motivated social and theatre activists with specific vision, mission, goals and objectives. Broadly, it aims to create a society which would be economically self-reliant, environmentally sound, socially peaceful and democratically empowered. To materialize the aims, the organization gives particular emphasis on creating social and development awareness of the poor, underprivileged people of the country through theatre activities, street drama, docu-drama, various visual media programme, and other relevant cultural activities.
Executive Committee

Members of the executive committee 2021-2023 of BotTala are as follows :

Shafi Ahmed

Prof. Shafi Ahmed taught English Literature and Theatre Studies for nearly 40 years at Jahangirnagar University, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Director; Creative

Samina Luthfa

founder member of BotTala is currently Associate Professor of Department of Sociology at the University of Dhaka.


Mohammad Ali Haider

founder member of BotTala was the Head of Live Action Film for Sesame Street Bangladesh (Nayantara Communications). He has huge experience and expertise in making documentary films.

Director; Admin

Taufique Hasan

founder member of BotTala, is a prominent cultural and theatre activist for 24 years. He took part in awareness building programmes…

Director; finance

Evan Riaz

Executive member of BotTala. He join BotTala in the year of 2009 and received training on acting  from the Actors Studio of  BotTala and other organizations.

Director; Development

Mizanur Rahman

founder member  of BotTala. He is a dedicated cultural and theatre activist in Bangladesh involved in acting, organizing and directing. He is a freelance prominent director of documentary and television drama. 

Director; communication

Kazi Roksana Ruma

serves BotTala as a potential actor and a organizer. She graduated from the Department of Dramatics, University of Dhaka in 2000.

Executive Member

Sheyuti Shahgufta

Executive member of Bottala. An active member since 2010. Prominent voice artist. Currently in charge of foreign procurement of Duronto TV.

Executive Member

Layeqa Bashir

Executive member of BotTala.